Steve Woodruff is your Clarity Therapist. He is also a consultant to many of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies, and a well-known social networking figure known as the Connection Agent.

Over many years of working closely with partner companies and clients whose branding consisted of murky messages and yawn-inducing bullet points, Steve realized that personal and company brands needed an outside voice – someone with creative experience and the questioning skills of a therapist to shine a light on the hidden DNA and compelling offering. While many cannot afford the outrageous charges of ad agencies for these services, Steve has distilled the process down to (in most cases) a one-day intensive session.

I, too, have had the great benefit of working with Steve during a challenging career transition. Leaving one field of expertise (after 25 years) and diving into new waters is definitely a challenge without any outside support.

Even though your brand is sitting right under your nose, if’s often difficult to see, feel or know it. Fortunately, I had Steve by my side.

Steve has that uncanny knack of seeing your brand’s essence clearly. Through a series of engaging questions, my unsettling “out-of-focus” feelings turned into inspiring “ah-ha!” insights.

Feeling fuzzy about your brand’s story, direction or essence? Call Steve, the clarity therapist.

– Tom Clifford

“I believe that the future lies with entrepreneurs and small businesses. The traditional ‘corporation’ will fade in importance to be replaced by something far more exciting – the ‘co-operation,’ in which professionals and companies can focus on their core strengths and succeed with far greater efficiency. And it is my intention to band together with talented, like-minded, pay-it-forward people who are determined to return humanity to business.” -Steve Woodruff


Artwork by Hugh MacLeod (@gapingvoid)