Advantage Performance Group was facing the challenge of moving its offerings to a new level. Steve helped us get all the elements out on the table and creatively led us to new brand positioning and messaging, under very tight time constraints. The outside perspective of the “Clarity Therapist” was just what we needed to align our marketing message with our new direction. – Annika McCrea, President and CEO, Advantage Performance Group

Steve Woodruff has an uncanny way of pulling out your brilliance in a succinct way, making your messaging clear, entertaining and memorable. Steve played a pivotal part in sweeping away the dirt from the floor when I was recently going through the flux of a re-branding. What I needed was a powerful way to communicate such that potential clients would say “AHHHH, yes or no – I need that.” He helped me create a message that both attracts the clients I want, and steers clear folks who would waste time. – Michele Price, Digital Media Splash Agent (your Promotional Amplifier!)

BlueC Studio was in the midst of launching a new website, and it became apparent that our message and our core offerings were not synchronized. Steve spent a day with us analyzing company history, client approach, and core competencies, and helped us see how a new emphasis could differentiate us from all of our perceived competition. Steve’s Clarity Therapy was invaluable, and has become a foundation for how we present our company. – Priscilla Lord, President, BlueC Studio

I’m not sure I can explain the way I felt or how Steve’s Clarity Therapy process worked, but it did. And I’ll even state for the record that I was a little bit skeptical going into it. Steve and I had a long talk over lunch. And then, in a moment of clarity, Steve was able to cut through all the detritus of what I’d been wanting to do and put on the table the EXACT THING that resonated with me (DCAL – Digital Customer Acquisition & Loyalty). It was like he reached into my chest, grabbed my rib cage and shook me up at that moment. All the extra crud I’d been carrying around about what i could be doing or should be doing fell away and I had a label and system to take to market that perfectly described what I LOVED to do. Recommended does not begin to describe this process. If you have an opportunity to go through this with Steve, do it!Sean McGinnis, 312Digital

Steve conducted a productive and fun workshop for our leadership team and I am looking forward to teaming up with him again. – Jeff Kozloff, President, Verilogue

When planning to launch my new company, Steve emphasized the importance of branding to ensure consistent recognition in the market place. Among other things, he emphasized the importance of getting your message across with as few words as possible. Steve takes the time to listen but carefully maintains his training expertise to get across the importance of following a great success pattern. I didn’t have the knowledge necessary to accomplish what needed to be done with the marketing, logo creation, and the promotion of my new business. I have Steve to thank for his time, effort and caring in order to properly brand our new endeavor. Ralph Hansen, President, The Caring Coach LLC

Words cannot express how much you have helped me this weekend at SOBCon2011. Because of YOU, I am leaving Chicago with an invigorated perspective on my business model, the sharp focus I have been desperately searching for, and two new tag lines which sum up what I do in the most perfect way. You are the “Emperor of Epiphany” and the master of what you do!Marla Schulman, Dvin/Ideas

After finding myself on the street after 33 years on the corp side of Pharma – Steve’s simple formula set the course for distilling a plan so that I can continue to do what I love to do, and succeed in doing it. Stepping back or stopping to find that formula before pressing on is invaluable! Steve’s help was key to setting the target and knowing the plan to move forward….Clarity Therapy really works! – Gerald Clor, Clor Consulting and Training