In one form or another, I’ve heard this question a lot in the past few years. And, in fact, I’ve continually asked it of myself.

Seems heretical to ask it; but in fact, for people in their 30′s and 40′s – even 50′s – it’s a very common thought.

By now, we’ve been in our career for quite some time, and we’re supposed to be on the “right” track heading in the foreordained destination that leads to our personal fulfillment.

Yeah, right. Actually, it is only after some years in the work force that we finally begin to ask fundamental questions about our own strengths, desires, and professional direction. You’d be surprised at how many of those around you put up the brave front (as you do), but are feeling very unclear about who they are and where they are going in their career.

I’ve sat down and talked with countless professionals who are in the midst of re-thinking their career. And I’ve discovered that such consultation is almost exactly parallel to what I do with brands and companies when they are trying to figure out their identity and strategy. We need to get to 20/20 vision, we need to understand our professional DNA, but so much seems cloudy and unclear from where we sit.

I can help. I call this form of consulting Clarity Therapy. I started doing this with small companies and entrepreneur/consultants who were struggling with their identity and message (here is one consultant’s experience). And now, I’ve decided to (officially) expand this practice to include the many individuals who are in the midst of re-thinking their career.

I call this my “accidental” business, because it began to just happen organically over time without much design on my part. And there is nothing more rewarding than helping people arrive at an epiphany regarding their identity, direction, and message!

Clarity Therapy for individuals can occur in person or over videoconference (video Skype, which is free, is a great platform for this!), and the session is 2-3 hours of intensive one-on-one discovery of your professional DNA and future direction. For companies, it takes 6-7 hours and is best performed face-to-face.

At times, we all need an outside perspective to help us see ourselves more clearly. That’s what I do as a Clarity Therapist – and what others have done for me also at times. Here are some Testimonials of others who have been through this helpful process.

There’s no shame in asking the question, “What do I want to do when I grow up?” What we really need is a safe and experienced outside voice to help us see through the fog.


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